“I tried acupuncture and chiropractic. Mark was the only one who could pinpoint the problem and give me immediate relief.”

Lisa T. – Burbank

“Mark is a miracle worker. He did amazing things for my back and neck. I recommend him to anyone who has a pain problem.”

Mark G. – Los Angeles

Services Offered

Corrective Exercise and Functional Training

Because your lifestyle and your body are unique, so too should be your path toward fitness.

A Corrective Exercise and Functional Training program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your needs and goals.  This includes identifying your body’s strengths and limitations or restrictions, your flexibility, your movement patterns and posture, and any lifestyle issues that may be impacting your health. 

With this information, we can begin to build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.  Your program may include flexibility and exercise strategies, such as Deep Therapeutic Bodywork, Pilates (or Pilates-based) exercises, and more traditional strength training. 

This customized protocol is designed to correct any muscular imbalances and postural problems that need to be addressed at the outset.  For example, it is often the case that flexibility issues stand in the way of strength conditioning by limiting proper range of motion.  By addressing flexibility issues first, we can begin to structure an exercise program that allows you to build strength on a foundation of proper alignment.

In addition, building core stability and strength in the deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, spine and lower back, is a critical component of your program.  Core stability ensures your ability to move freely but with stability, balance and control. 

As your body changes, so too does your exercise program.

Strength in your larger muscle groups is then built on your foundation of flexibility, stability and balance.  This ensures that you can continue to progress in your program, while avoiding the plateaus and injuries that often characterize most typical exercise routines.  As you become stronger, quicker and more powerful movement patterns can be incorporated into your workout. In this way, we always monitor the way you move, never sacrificing quality of movement for number of repetitions or pounds lifted.  

Muscle strength, toning and flexibility are all benefits of a Corrective Exercise and Functional Training Program.  But I also share your investment in a more long-term result:  A lifetime of good health.  That means learning to center yourself through focused movement and breathing; it means learning how to move properly using the right muscles at the right time, not just during your workout, but as you live your life; and it means having a fitness program specifically designed for you.

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