“I tried acupuncture and chiropractic. Mark was the only one who could pinpoint the problem and give me immediate relief.”

Lisa T. – Burbank

“Mark is a miracle worker. He did amazing things for my back and neck. I recommend him to anyone who has a pain problem.”

Mark G. – Los Angeles

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Unlike many traditional movement styles, the Pilates repertoire of exercises were designed to build symmetry in the body and long, lean musculature, while being easy on the joints.  It strengthens deep muscle groups and smaller muscles which are often neglected in other forms of exercise.  Additionally, Pilates can benefit men and women of all ages, from trained athletes to clients who may be restricted from other forms of exercise because of back or spinal disc problems, osteoporosis, muscle tightness and inflexibility.

The benefits of Pilates exercise include:

• An overall increase in flexibility and strength by stretching muscles while working them;

• Improved posture and proper spinal alignment;

• A sense of a more “centered” body and mind through focused movement and breathing;

• Greater stabilization of the spine, pelvis and lower back (the “core”) through deep abdominal work and total body conditioning.

Perhaps most importantly, Pilates is simultaneously a challenging but supportive workout.  It allows you to access your deepest strength and feel good in your body.   The benefits of overall toning and flexibility soon follow.

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